If you have ordered from us before, you can skip ahead. But if this is your first time ordering from us, let’s cover some basics.

Before You Order, You Should Know…

  1. Our minimum order is $25. We do not charge a delivery fee.
  2. We deliver all orders, so your order must specify a permanent physical address (residence or business) for delivery.
  3. You can specify a delivery address that is different than your billing address, as long as it is in one of our service areas.
  4. We can make delivery if you are not home, but you must leave detailed delivery instructions for us to do so. See our FAQ for details.
  5. We deliver 7 days / week, 360 days / year. See our FAQ for the days we are closed each year and our delivery hours.
  6. The default delivery date for all orders is tomorrow (or our next non-holiday), but you can choose a date up to 60 days later.
  7. We do not have retail stores. We also do NOT offer customer pick-up options – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  8. We do not ship orders via carriers like FedEx or UPS. All orders are delivered by our drivers.

To find out if we deliver to your zip code, please use our Delivery Checker. If you have more questions, please visit our FAQ page.

How To Place An Order

After confirming delivery to your zip code, the question is: Do you know how many moving boxes of each size that you need (or want)?