Moving Boxes

We sell once-used moving boxes in three (3) sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Each size costs only $1, and our minimum order is $25. You can click on our three (3) sizes shown below to see more pictures and detailed specifications, such as the minimum volume (in cubic feet) of each size.

We most commonly sell our moving boxes in bundles, each of which offers a set number of Small, Medium and Large boxes. Our bundles are designed to give you the right number of Small, Medium and Large moving boxes to pack your home, whether you live in a 1-bedroom apartment, or a 6-bedroom home with a 3-car garage. Visit our Moving Box Estimator to find out which bundle is right for your move. But if you already know how many of each size you need (or want), or if you are aren’t a residential customer, or if our other bundles don’t seem right for you, then use our Build My Own Bundle, which will let you pick your own quantity of our Small, Medium and Large moving boxes, subject to our $25 minimum order.

If you would like more general purpose information about our moving boxes, including a deeper discussion on why we only sell once-used boxes and what we mean by “minimum volume” of each size, please click here.

And don’t forget the tape!