Moving Box Estimator

Our moving box estimator is based on the number of rooms in your home (NOT just bedrooms), which will almost certainly make you ask: “OK, what is (and is not) a room?”. Good question. From our experience, you should count the rooms in your home using these guidelines:

Counts As A Room Does NOT Count As A Room
A bedroom (Any bedroom, including master bedroom)
A living room
A dining room
A kitchen
A study or home office (count each as 1 if you have more than 1)
A large garage with storage (cabinets, shelving, etc.)
A game room, play room, media room or other common/shared room
A bathroom
A closet
Any other room

Once you add up the rooms in your home, simply use the table below to find that number of rooms and the number of moving boxes that we estimate you will need. We have created ready-made bundles for each number of rooms. You can follow the link to see more details about that bundle and, if you like, start an order. But if none of these bundles seem quite right for you, you can also use our Build My Own Bundle, which lets you choose the exact number of Small, Medium and Large boxes you want.

Rooms Small Moving Boxes Medium Moving Boxes Large Moving Boxes Total
2 Rooms 20 25 5 50
3 Rooms 25 30 10 65
4 Rooms 35 40 10 85
5 Rooms 45 45 10 100
6 Rooms 55 60 10 125
7 Rooms 65 65 20 150
8 Rooms 75 80 20 175
9 Rooms 85 90 20 200

One final comment. In our experience, people often underestimate the number of moving boxes that they will need. They will use an estimator like ours (or any of the others that you can find online) and think “There is no way I/we have that much stuff” or “That is WAY too many moving boxes for me/us”. More often than not, people who think this way buy moving boxes multiple times, and ultimately buy approximately the number of moving boxes that our (or any other) estimator originally recommended.

We would like to help you avoid that experience, but we understand that its human nature to be skeptical of the idea that packing the contents of your home will require dozens or even hundreds of moving boxes. It’s part of the reason that moving can be a daunting project for so many people. So, if you use our estimator and it yields a number that you think is ridiculously high, then feel free to order a lower number of moving boxes. You can place an order for more later, and we will deliver any subsequent order as soon as the next day (subject to the 5 holidays each year that we are closed). Just keep our $25 minimum order in mind.