Compare Our Prices

Let’s compare the prices of our moving boxes to some of the big national brands.

Bundle Price Comparison

If you are moving, you are probably going to need more than 1 or 2 moving boxes, so why compare prices for only 1 or 2 moving boxes? Instead, let’s look at the total price when you buy the number of moving boxes that you will actually need to move your home.

The quantities used in the table below come from our Moving Box Estimator. If you haven’t already used our Moving Box Estimator, you may want to visit that page first to get an estimate of how many moving boxes you will need for your move. The Moving Box Estimator will help you determine which of our moving box bundles is right for you. Once you have determined which is right for you, come back to this page to see how much money will save you.

Bundle U-Haul Home Depot Lowe’s Walmart
2-Room Bundle: 50 Moving Boxes $50.00 $57.30 $53.20 $53.20 $120.50
3-Room Bundle: 65 Moving Boxes $65.00 $70.05 $70.45 $70.45 $163.20
4-Room Bundle: 85 Moving Boxes $85.00 $88.95 $90.35 $90.35 $207.10
5-Room Bundle: 100 Moving Boxes $100.00 $102.05 $104.15 $104.15 $239.05
6-Room Bundle: 125 Moving Boxes $125.00 $126.75 $130.15 $130.15 $294.90
7-Room Bundle: 150 Moving Boxes $150.00 $150.65 $158.55 $158.55 $368.35
8-Room Bundle: 175 Moving Boxes $175.00 $175.35 $184.55 $184.55 $210.55
9-Room Bundle: 200 Moving Boxes $200.00 $200.05 $210.55 $210.55 $480.05
The table above uses prices found in online research done on April 10, 2016. Read our blog for more recent updates.

Total Price versus Total Cost

We hope the table above demonstrates that we have the best prices on moving boxes, especially when you consider buying the number of moving boxes that you will actually need for your move. However, we acknowledge that we may have competitors out there who may actually have a lower prices than we do. But even if that is true, please take a minute to think about total cost (i.e., the total amount of money out of your pocket) of buying moving boxes, which involves more than just the price you pay. Other items that may affect the total cost are:

  1. The time you spend driving back and forth to a store. If you are moving, do you have time for that, or do you need to work on other, more important tasks? Also, if you need dozens or even hundreds of moving boxes, do you have access to a car that can hold that many moving boxes? If not, you may have to make multiple trips or bring more than 1 car.
  2. The gas you will use driving back and forth to a store. Again, factor in how many cars and/or trips you will need to make to buy the number of moving boxes that you will need.
  3. Shipping Fees. Yes, there are companies out there that actually sell moving boxes online and SHIP them. Watch out for these places, because the shipping fees can sometimes cost more than the moving boxes themselves, especially if you need to get your moving boxes fast.
  4. Delivery Fees. Like us, there are other companies that will deliver (not ship) moving boxes to you. But in all of our research, we have yet to find one that will deliver as soon as next day, will deliver 7 days / week, and will deliver for free. Free delivery as soon as tomorrow is a huge price AND cost saver.

If you like what you see and you are ready to order, then visit our Start An Order page. Or, if you still have questions, please contact us.