About OneDollarMovingBoxes.com

History & Overview

Launched in 2016, we sell high-quality, once-used moving boxes for $1 each and deliver those moving boxes to our customers as early as next day – 7 days / week. Delivery is FREE on orders of $50 or higher (which is also our minimum order size).

In addition to the convenience and cost savings we deliver, our unique sourcing strategy helps to keep tens of thousands of cardboard boxes out of landfill each month. It all adds up to environmentally-responsible service that delivers strong economic and convenience advantages to our customers in their local area. But don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say.

You can read more about our moving boxes, or even compare our prices. If you have further questions, please continue to our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about us, including delivery options and policies.

Our Service Areas

We operate in multiple geographies in the continental United States, each of which we call a service area. Each service area is essentially a major metropolitan area, comprised of dozens and sometimes hundreds of zip codes in that area. The exact boundaries of where we deliver in each service area is ultimately defined by zip code. While we provide maps here on our website to illustrate each of our service areas, sometimes those maps fail to correctly show the exact boundaries of the zip codes where we deliver in each service area. For this reason, our website also allows you to check delivery to your zip code before you spend time placing an order.

Our Operating Model

Each of our service areas is led by a General Manager who oversees our local service area team. The General Manager and his/her team are responsible for our day-to-day operation in that service area, including customer service and customer satisfaction. For this reason, if you choose to write a review of your experience with our company, we ask that you write the review on the social media page of that specific service area.

While each of our service areas are managed and run separately, each service area is company-owned and follows the standard operating procedures of our company. We do not operate retail stores in any of our service areas, but you can still speak with someone on one of our local service area teams for any pre-order or post-order questions. Simply go to our service area overview page, select your area (using the green marker on the map) to open the individual service area page, then scroll to the bottom to find the contact information (including phone number and email address) for that service area. Our days and hours of operation are listed on our Frequently Asked Questions page.