About Our Moving Boxes

This page contains general purpose information about all of our moving boxes, and also provides links to additional details about each of the different sizes of our moving boxes.

Our Moving Boxes Are Once-Used

First and foremost, we want to make sure everyone understands that our moving boxes are once-used. We do not sell new moving boxes. Why do we sell only used moving boxes? Three reasons:

  1. Quality. Even though our moving boxes have been used once before, their quality and condition is comparable to new moving boxes, which is why we say our moving boxes are “like new”. More on this below.
  2. Value. We believe that quality, used moving boxes represent a great value for our customers because they cost less than new moving boxes. And we add to that value with our free delivery, as soon as next day.
  3. Environmental Responsibility. We believe that reuse of the manufactured materials in our everyday lives (like moving boxes) is an environmentally responsible choice. Why? Because it reduces the amount that we consume, and more thoughtful consumption contributes to sustaining our environment and our planet. Additionally, the moving boxes you buy from us come from your local area, so they are also a “locally responsible” solution.

We’ll address the quality and condition of our moving boxes in more detail below.

The Quality Of Our Moving Boxes

As you know by now, we sell once-used moving boxes. But how do we know that their quality is comparable to new moving boxes? The answer is two simple reasons. First, we do our own comparisons to new moving boxes. Second, our customers tell us that it is the case.

To see just one of the comparison we do, look at the thickness of the walls of one of our moving boxes compared to one of the new moving boxes. As you can see in the pictures below, they are the same.

The wall thickness of a new moving box
The wall thickness of a new moving box.
The wall thickness of one of our once-used moving boxes
The wall thickness of one of our once-used moving boxes.

The Condition Of Our Moving Boxes

Now that you understand our moving boxes are once-used and of comparable quality to new moving boxes, you might ask: “OK, what condition are they in?”. Good question. Because our moving boxes are used, you may notice some or all of the following about our moving boxes:

  1. They may have tape on them. This is because someone previously used the box to ship products from once place to another, or to move their belongings from once place to another.
  2. They may have shipping labels and/or containers for packing lists on them. This is because someone previously used the box to ship products from once place to another.
  3. They may have very minor scratches, abrasions or tears. Since all of our moving boxes have been used once, they will have very minor wear-and-tear, but are still entirely suitable for reuse as moving boxes.

Our unique sourcing strategies give us access to THOUSANDS of once-used moving boxes EACH DAY. We collect them daily from dozens of locations, then sort through all of them to arrange them by size AND to dispose of any boxes that are not suitable for reuse as a moving box. If you feel that we sell you a box that is not suitable for moving, please contact us and include a picture of the box that you believe is not suitable. If we agree that a box is not suitable, we will arrange for a replacement box to be delivered at no charge. However, any of the conditions listed above will not constitute reasons for a replacement or a refund.

Our Moving Boxes Sizes

We sell moving boxes in three (3) sizes: Small, Medium and Large. You can follow these links to see the details and pictures of each size, but before reviewing those details, our customers should understand the following:

  1. Moving box sizes are not universally standard. What U-Haul, The Home Depot and Walmart sell as a “Small” moving box are not the same size as each other. The same is true for Medium and Large moving boxes. On each of the pages for our moving boxes, we compare our sizes to the same size sold by other national brands.
  2. All of our Small moving boxes are not exactly the same size as every other Small we sell, all of our Medium moving boxes are not exactly the same size as every other Medium we sell, and all of our Large moving boxes are not exactly the same size as every other Large we sell. Because we collect boxes from dozens of different suppliers and because there are no “standard” sizes, the exact dimensions of “Small”, “Medium” and “Large” are not guaranteed. However, we do guarantee that each of our Small, Medium and Large moving boxes will be AT LEAST the MINIMUM volume represented on the product pages for each of those sizes. And each of our MINIMUM sizes is comparable to the same size sold by our competitors – and in many cases, our MINIMUM moving boxes are larger than the comparable size sold by our competitors. And in many cases, you will wind up with boxes that are larger than the minimum sizes we show on our website.